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Having been in the business of training and supplying trained Personal Protection dogs for approaching two decades, we like to think we know a little bit about the subject.

Equally, now that you have found you’re way to our website, you may feel that you already know what a Personal Protection dog is, or at least should be.

Welcome to the internet and to the world of the ‘instant expert’!

Over the years that we have been operating, the internet has experienced huge growth and now showcases many websites offering differing solutions and great diversity in their levels of experience in both training and supplying personal protection dogs, many of them having gained experience as police dog handlers, security guards and sport dog enthusiasts and yet openly labelling themselves as experts, having had little or no hands on experience in this very specialised field of training and supplying personal protection/family protection dogs.

Fortunately for us, there is no substitute for experience and in our case, this comes from nearly twenty years training and supplying top level personal protection dogs for clients both here in the UK and around the world. Protection dogs that live harmoniously with families doubling as both highly trained K9 protectors and often as the children’s constant companions and playmates.

Before one of our personal protection dogs joins its family, it will have had extensive training to prepare it for its future life as both a trained obedient K9 protector and possibly more importantly, a devoted family pet and companion. This preparation takes two forms; firstly, the formal obedience and protection training which is sometimes specifically customised to the clients exact specifications and secondly, the all too important conditioning. The conditioning process involves getting the dog used to all types of environments, where it may accompany its future owners as part of everyday life, after which we and combine the obedience and protection work aspects, so as the dog remains calm, obedient, alert and watchful in all situations irrespective of location.

Our Family Protection Dogs are taught to respect their owner’s wishes and commands and are incredibly social towards people until they are given a reason or commanded not to be

There are a number of misconceptions regarding personal protection dogs, many people labelling them as aggressive guard dogs and loose cannons, indiscriminately taking upon themselves to terrorise all and sundry.

With our professionally trained personal/family protection dogs, this is certainly not the case. We work on the fact that it is the owner who decides who are friends and foe, the only time that the dog will make this very crucial decision to protect off his own back, would be under the circumstances where either his owner or owners’ family were in imminent danger of being assaulted or if an intruder were to try to attack the dog itself or invade the property if the dog was left there unattended. Other than in these circumstances. Our trained family protection dogs not only help to keep the family safe, they also double as playmates and companions for the children, who usually form very close bonds with, one of our protection dogs will almost certainly alert the arrival of visitors but when given the specific command to be accepting of the arrival will cease showing any signs of aggression. Whilst it is nice to feel safe as the owner of one of these dogs, ones friends,relatives and visitors may become less frequent callers if they feel constantly intimidated by some of the lesser trained family protection dogs that are available.

Please come to visit us and see our Trained Family Protection Dogs

We welcome potential customers to visit our facilities to view our dogs and their training first hand, as we subscribe tothe motto ‘seeing is believing’, and when you are contemplating spending a lot of money and investing time and effort into acquiring a trained dog to integrate with your family, we believe there is no substitute for meeting the dogs, trainers and viewing the facilities to satisfy yourself that you are dealing with the right company with a proven track record for supplying highly trained family protection dogs. We would even suggest that you maybe look at other companies first, in that way you will have something to directly compare us to. We are not the cheapest but we are undeniably the longest established personal protection dog training company of our type in the UK by a long way.

A note of caution

A personal protection dog is undoubtedly one of the best potential investments that you could make, to help boost the security and safety of your home and family in these troubled times. Our trained family protection dogs are trained in such a way and over a period of time that is long enough for us to properly assess their temperament and character and therefore their suitability for their future role. Similar companies and individuals may not apply the same degree of care and consideration when supplying these types of dogs, it is therefore possible that the dog you buy to protect your family may through poor training, breeding and socialisation, cause detriment to it.

We are always on hand to help

Should you have any unanswered questions or would like to discuss whether one of our trained personal protection dogs may provide the answer to your family’s additional security requirements, please do not hesitate to give us a call as we would be delighted to assist.

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