Personal Protection Dogs and Family Guardians, highly trained dogs that provide home security, companionship and unmeasurable protection

We specialise in the supply of highly trained, quality personal protection dogs and family guardians to clients Worldwide.

Our company’s reputation for supplying the very best in family and executive level personal protection dogs has been established over the past 18 years and the A1K9 name has during that time, become synonymous with both the top level K9 protectors that we train and the sales and after sales service that we are known to deliver.

In the social and economic climate, more people than ever are turning to man’s best friend as a trusted addition to their home and family security and our highly trained Personal Ptotection Dogs provide exactly that. A loving, loyal and super obedient family comapnion, that at a moments notice and through intensive training will vigorously defend those that it loves.

We do not just train and sell personal protection dogs, we assist clients in making an informed choice as to which dogs will be best suited to their needs after fully discussing and understanding their exact requirements.

When it comes to Personal Protection Dogs, do not be fooled, one size does not fit all! We pride ourselves in our approach of selling you the dog that is right for you and your family's needs, not that it is the dog that we would like to sell!

Having selected the right K9 candidate with the appropriate levels of training, we then work with the client and their family to ensure that they are able to confidently handle their new family guardian and that the dog is content to work for them.

Only when we feel that the perfect match between family and personal protection dog has been made, are we satisfied that we have achieved our aim, not that of supplying a dog but getting a lifelong customer as we believe that it is our customers that perpetuate the success of our business.

We always have a large selection of highly trained Personal Protection Dogs available and would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our dogs to prospective clients. Remember our dogs are not just security dogs but trained family protectors that are happy to interact with children, so if you visit, bring the kids as seeing is believing.

If after browsing our site you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be delighted to help.

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